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For overseas graduates wishing to progress in their careers in Australia, the Professional Year Program combines classroom instruction with practical job experience.

This program is designed to help students majoring in engineering, information technology, or accounting develop their skills so they can seek careers in those fields. A 12-week internship program in a field relevant to their field of study is completed by students with the assistance of the Professional Year, a bridging course. The curriculum lasts for 44 weeks total, of which 12 are dedicated to an internship during which the student receives individualized attention and is able to become familiar with the working culture. The student's teamwork, technical expertise for their role, communication skills, and understanding of business culture are all enhanced by this internship.

In addition to being a great way to launch your career in Australia, the Professional Year Program also offers students bonus points when applying for a permanent resident visa (also known as a GSM visa).


You must:

  • Have finished a Bachelor's or Master's degree in accounting, information technology, or engineering in Australia.

  • Have or submit an application for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485, any stream) valid for at least a year;

  • Have a secondary visa that is valid for at least a year and allows you to work and study.

  • Show proof of your ability to speak and understand English (minimum 6 in each IELTS band).

  • Offer a reliable skills evaluation from a pertinent professional association.


  • For your application for permanent residence (General Skill Migration visa), you will receive five points.

  • You will get the opportunity to network with industry professionals and meet experts in the field.

  • Increase your resume's worth

  • An internship will provide you with the chance to hone your professional skills.



All graduates who earned a Bachelor's or Master's degree in accounting with at least two years of study in Australia are eligible to apply for the Skill Migration Internship Program-Accounting (SMIPA). This program is intended to assist you in advancing your accounting career via job placement.


The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the organization that created and supports this program. Through a 12-week internship program, this program offers recent IT graduates the chance to gain training and real-world experience.


​The Australian Government partners with different providers to administer the Professional Year in Engineering program. The skills of recent engineering graduates are developed and enhanced by this curriculum.

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