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Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

Nominated skilled professionals are permitted to live and work permanently in Australia with this visa.

When you apply for a visa and we make a decision on it, you can be in or out of Australia, but immigration clearance is still pending.

Your application will not be accepted if you apply in Australia when you do not have a valid substantive visa or a Subclass 010 Bridging A, Subclass 020 Bridging B, or Subclass 030 Bridging C visa.


Step 1: Verify that your profession is covered by the SOL and that you have at least 65 points.

Step 2: Send in a statement of interest

Step 3: Await the application invitation

Step 4:Compile your paperwork

Step 5: Within 60 days of receiving an invitation, file for your visa.

Step 1: The employer submits a sponsorship application (the employer must be a legally recognized, actively run company that complies with labor and employment laws in the area).

Step 2: The nomination application is the second step in the application procedure. Concerns include the "genuineness" of the employment, efforts to hire Australian workers, compensation information, and the position that needs to be filled. Additionally, the company needs to be profitable for foreign sponsors.

Step 3: The nominated employee files a visa application. The applicant for a visa must provide proof of their compliance with health and character requirements, as well as the skills necessary for their line of work.


With this visa, you can:

  • Stay permanently in Australia.
  • Carry out the tasks or activities listed in your application.
  • For the duration of your visa, you are free to enter and exit Australia as often as you like.
  • Encourage family members who qualify for permanent residency.

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