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Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)


You may apply for an 887 visa to obtain a permanent visa if you have met the eligibility requirements for the 887 visa and have previously held a 489 visa. Those who have previously been granted an appropriate visa and have lived and worked in certain regional Australian locations are eligible for this visa.

This is a permanent visa. When you apply for this visa and when it is approved, you have to be in Australia.


You must:

  • Have a valid visa.
  • Have worked full-time in a designated regional area for at least a year and resided there for at least two years.
  • Having fulfilled the requirements of the valid visa you currently possess or have previously held.


You must have resided in the following countries for a minimum of two years as the bearer of one or more qualifying visas at the time of your application for this visa:

  • If your qualifying visa was nominated by a state or territory government, you may enter a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area.
  • A specific region of Australia if your qualifying visa was sponsored by a family member.


You must have had one or more eligible skilled visas at the time of your application and worked full-time for at least 12 months in order to be eligible for this visa:

  • If your state or territory government nominated you for your qualifying visa when you were living in a regional or metropolitan area with slow population development.
  • A specific region of Australia in the event that a family member sponsored your visa application.

35 hours a week is considered full time job.  To meet this criteria, you may combine work in two part-time jobs that are concurrent. You may work in any other occupation or in the one you have nominated.


When we decide to accept your application, you will need to:

  • Have fluent English, or
  • Have settled the second instalment of the required fee for applying for a visa, or
  • when we request it, pay the second instalment of the visa application fee.


To travel to or reside in Australia, you have a good character. This implies that you have to maintain your good character and pass the character test.

Under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958, the character standards are outlined. They assist us in determining our moral character.

The following character requirements must be met if you are applying for:

  • A visa
  • Australian citizenship


This visa can be applied for online. When you apply, you must be in Australia, as must any family members you are applying on your behalf.


  • Stay permanently in Australia.
  • Work and study in Australia.
  • Enrol in Medicare, the national health care program of Australia.
  • Encourage your family members to visit Australia.
  • Spend five years travelling to and from Australia.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible.

There can be a waiting period before recently arrived people can receive certain benefits and payments from the Australian government.


This visa is permanent. You can remain in Australia indefinitely with it.

The travel component of the visa expires five years from the date of the grant.

If you are in Australia, your permanent residency begins the day we grant the visa for citizenship purposes.


If family members currently possess an appropriate visa, you may include them in your application. Every family member who qualifies for this visa must be listed when you submit your application.  Family members cannot be added after your application has been filed.

As long as they have an admissible visa that was issued on the grounds that they were a part of your family unit, you can add family members who no longer fit the traditional definition of a member of the family unit. This clause would be applicable, for instance, if you wanted to add a kid to your application who turned 23 after receiving a qualifying visa.

Any family members you list on your application must fit our standards for morality and health. Family members who aren't traveling with you to Australia could also need to fulfill our standards for character and health.


Before submitting this application, please let us know if you have a child who was born in Australia since you were given your current visa. Learn what to do in the event that your child is born after your current visa has been granted. It will not be possible for your youngster to submit an online application if we haven't connected their passport to their existing visa.

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